Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So apparently Jeremy Scott has become my new idol after he had an EPIPHANY... and then there was blisss..... aka creating this masterpiece that would probably make me walk on air.. literally!!!!

I died!
Lovesies: J.Scott Masterpiece

Middle Finger to YOOOOU responsibility!!!

I don't want to write a paper on a topic I can/will care less for as I am able to regurgitate words into this so called essay... I would much rather scratch my wonky brown eyes with a rusty nail after it was sitting in cat urine for 2 weeks.

Kill me... At least wearing accessories make it "mas mejor/bearable" but what DOESN'T make it better, is all mah friends sexting me about going out to sketch the night away at a bar where I would be probs judged for wearing too many colors in one outfit.

I guess i will have to leave it to Sigur Ros, Yiruma, and Yann Tiersen to help me concentrate....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Earlier today, when I was AVOIDING real life, I was checking one of my fav blogs 'My MANy Bags' (heartsies) and saw something that I would, no doubt, give away my left testy for.
This (probs expensive as shizz) completely necessary piece of accesory created by the one and only Uncle Karl Lagerfeld, for the House of Chanel's F/W 2010 accessories.

Ps-- Karl... can i live in your pocket?? or on your tie pin?? PLEASE?

My corazoncito de melon breaks into pieces! (sad face)

According to MANY sources, one of my all time idols is now possibly single after being married, to a really good looking guy (if i may add).. so sad.

Marc J has created some of the most influential designs in the fashion industry, he still breaks boundaries every time he shows one of his collections. A man with such talent needs someone by his side, who will love him and, lets face it, give him a break from the chaos that can be "fashion."

My prayers are with you my beloved Marc!

Amaaahzing... as my Beloved AG would say

soooo, I've been watching/stalking vids on youtube about.....1/4 of my life now.... or at least it feels like that, and I have discovered a GREAT guy who goes under the name 'PascalAnson' with great style, and even better, AMAZING ideas/accent.

what sparks our inspiration?...SHOES!!

Is it life it self? or the love from someone who cares about you? happiness? world peace?? NOPE....

DESIGN.... fashion, interiors, architecture... DESIIIIIGN IS THE COKE TO MY NOSE!! ( not that i do any, specially since i'm broke). So little trails of happiness I need to follow.. like a GREAT deal on vintage woven leather loafer I just purchased. They MIGHT be tight, but who cares. I'll just soak my feets in salt water. Or a mickey Tank top!!! I NEED ONE A.S.A.P! but until I get my paws on one Iwill just drewl on my computer till the saliva and my keyboard make contact and shock me back into "responsible mode" (no fun)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The joy of EVER finding happiness, only lies within each other. Right now MY PERSONAL sphere (aka world) has been nothing but a blur caused by a biblically scaled amount of tiny particles that obstruct my vision/path towards "the light." This path changes constantly as if it was not ever to be based with strong foundations. It only turns into a artery system of walkways where nothing but air, time, and imagination travels along it. However, for every bad step i take, in can only and will only appreciate the good steps I take.
"how can one know a good moment without living a bad moment" as my favorite philosophy teacher once told me, and therefore, Happiness.
what is happiness? of course it only differs on the individual, or beholder (just like beauty). But happiness changes in each other. thinking you want something/one at one point evolves into something different in one point. MATURITY KICKS IN (something i have not tamed).
Now, why would we think that getting through is everything? discouraging sadness is losing another side of oneself.

i'm off and all over the place.... AND I'M usual. (don't judge.... ok maybe just s smidgen)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


what is it about neeeeeding, and waaaaanting?? i always want what i don't need (and 3 billion other people!)