Monday, February 7, 2011

I have the steady hands of a maracas player!! or MARAQUERO!

So, after 100 yrs of not blogging, because I have been WAY too distracted with real life, I will, post, a post. Happily, Florida's weather has gotten shorts bearable, hence why, it is time, FOR.HENNA.TATTS again. YAY. So, remember, I do NOT have a good pulse! BUT I heart my new tat, which looks like I got into a fight with a robot! teehee

ps-- pls do not mind my plaid comforter, nor my fav blak backpack (accessorized with Jade and China crests! :D)

Monday, October 25, 2010

oh hai lover!

SO, this is the deal, I am the current owner of about 16 watches.. but the issue is, that, I, ummmm, need more.... LIKE THIS ONE?????

why nixon whyyyyy do you have to be out of my budget range! :(.... now that said... i need this AMAZING time piece, but, is it me or is it kinda butch gay, not butch hetero? don't care, I still want it

Link Uncrate

Thursday, October 14, 2010


For those who do not understand my tittle, it's from my rolemodel Bon Qui Qui skit on MADtv... Anywhozzle.... I JUST read in one of the 985372920237 blogs i follow that DocMartens are making a suede line of shoozies!!! GIGGLE GIGGLE!!!!!! the colors are quite vibrant, which is ZUPER if you ask me! too bad I'm horrible with money and keeping suede clean!

where I gots this shizz from--- Streething

Speaking of Jealousy

There has been a new blogger that I happen to be DEEPLY jealous of. Not only is the young gentleman Italian, he is a very attractive individual WITH AMAZING CLOTHES... like what the WTF Jesus de la Santa Cruz!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ugh..... just imagine a frustrated Japanese anime drawing right now... thank goodness I just got my Domo Kun keychane in the mail 3 days ago, which originally came with a round shaped clutch of the same character but ssshhhhhhhhh. 

Anywhozzle..... The young gentleman who's wardrobe I want to have is the infamous Filippo.. Even his name is classy.. oh well!!! here are some of my fav looks/accessories of his THAT I DEEPLY AND DESPERATELY WOULD LOVE TO HAVE...including is grammar.



3. Pretty much EVERYTHING 

4. Best for last....A.GOLD.BOWTIE
I'm dying......dying...............................................................dead
<3---  The Three Ef

YAY Body Paint!!

YAY, "that one time a year when you can dress like a slut and no one can judge you" (to paraphrase one of my [yes i know, stereotype] fav movies "MEAN GIRL" and yes it is totes necessary to caps that tittle) is just around the corner, and even though i tried shopping for a costume last night i couldnt find anything i wanted. One thing i do know i REALLY want to do is paint parts of my body with beautiful Hena. I do understand that Hena is used by women, I just hope it doesn't offend anyone (sad face).

Body placement of this beautiful, and hopefully, organic paint will be assigned to the chest and back area, and i do not mean a tramp stamp, although that idea did cross my mind. However, I do not have ANY idea of what to paint, other than something geometric so emphasize my design background! Ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Here are some images that made me giggle from happiness!

 The image bellow is one of my favorite!

 Another from the Fav Pile

Olivia.. Please Be My BFF!!

So, even though college life really drains your social and personal life away (well, kind of because i have had my fare share of drunken nights) I can not stop loving beauty, of design, or fashion, or blah blah blah... so, with that subject in mind, one of my favorite people to stalk (electronically, duh) is Olivia Palermo. Not going to lie, I have very little clue of who this amazing woman is, all I do know is that she is a great dresser. Also, it doesn't hurt that that woman is basically flawless! UGH!

Good thing I was the last in line when God was giving out the good genes!

ok, i'll shut up... here are some pics of the lovely Olivia P

Why do all pretty people know all pretty people???


Monday, August 23, 2010

The Black Swan

So Natalie Portman's new film The Black Swan is actually amazing, not much of a shocker coming from the actress, but the movie is intense. The movie is about a young ballerina who goes psycho because someone is stealing her spot light, then as the movie goes on she actually turns into a swan, or so i understand from the editing of the preview. Plus, she has some lesbian moments, HUGE PLUS!

Le Movie Link: The Black Swan