Thursday, October 14, 2010

YAY Body Paint!!

YAY, "that one time a year when you can dress like a slut and no one can judge you" (to paraphrase one of my [yes i know, stereotype] fav movies "MEAN GIRL" and yes it is totes necessary to caps that tittle) is just around the corner, and even though i tried shopping for a costume last night i couldnt find anything i wanted. One thing i do know i REALLY want to do is paint parts of my body with beautiful Hena. I do understand that Hena is used by women, I just hope it doesn't offend anyone (sad face).

Body placement of this beautiful, and hopefully, organic paint will be assigned to the chest and back area, and i do not mean a tramp stamp, although that idea did cross my mind. However, I do not have ANY idea of what to paint, other than something geometric so emphasize my design background! Ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Here are some images that made me giggle from happiness!

 The image bellow is one of my favorite!

 Another from the Fav Pile

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