Thursday, October 14, 2010

Olivia.. Please Be My BFF!!

So, even though college life really drains your social and personal life away (well, kind of because i have had my fare share of drunken nights) I can not stop loving beauty, of design, or fashion, or blah blah blah... so, with that subject in mind, one of my favorite people to stalk (electronically, duh) is Olivia Palermo. Not going to lie, I have very little clue of who this amazing woman is, all I do know is that she is a great dresser. Also, it doesn't hurt that that woman is basically flawless! UGH!

Good thing I was the last in line when God was giving out the good genes!

ok, i'll shut up... here are some pics of the lovely Olivia P

Why do all pretty people know all pretty people???


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